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Eildove Ten
Eildove Ten Pro-Artist.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Nation Willat
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 18
Fighting Style Unknown


(Work in Progress)

Eildove Ten is a special ops soldier.  She is a member of Clinhyde Eight's task force along with Ottavia Six.  The team hails from the echnological city of Willat, so she is very well equipped.  Where Clinhyde prefers close-quarter combat and Ottavia prefers long range sniper support, Eildove loves defense above all else.  She acts like a caring big sister type to the others, using herself and her defensive equipment to jump in the way of the enemy attack.  Her caring nature is a contrast to Clinhyde's more intense personality.


Personality: Caring, Sisterly, Protective

Personal Possessions: FtP Shield, A handheld game

Likes: Defense, her hair, playing games

Dislikes: Fire, heights, overly large assignments


Eildove wears a turquoise coat to which all her equipment are connected to.  She has medium black hair which she wears as two ponytails.

Powers & Abilities

Eildove's shield has the ability to absorb impact and convert it into energy for her coat and her equipment.  While blocking attacks power up her equipment, Eildove must take care not to overload the shield, causing it to overheat, injuring her and disabling it temporarily.


Game appearances and playstyle


Special thanks to Gravitypool for the great Eildove sketch.