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Victor Ramos
Guest Boss from Malifaux
Guest Boss from Malifaux
Vital statistics
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest boss character in Devastation of Indines.



Victor Ramos is non-canonical. He is a guest character from the wargame "Malifaux" by Wyrd Miniatures. Ramos is the head of the Arcanist faction.


Powers & Abilities[]

Ramos is a sorcerer and inventor who uses mechanical constructs of his own design as part of his combat style.

Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: Devastation of Indines[]

  • Ramos will be a boss character for 3/4v1 play. His playstyle is expected to mirror his playstyle in Malifaux.

Promo Boss[]

Dr. Victor Ramos & Atlas is a boss for 3-6 Players (2-5 Fighters, 1 Boss)

Ramos' life varies by the number of players he is up against. He has permanent Stun Guard 1 for each fighter in the game. 

Players  Life
2 40
3 55
4 70
5 85

Atlas's level is based on the life Ramos has lost. 

Life Lost Atlas Level Effect
0 Level 0 No bonuses
15 Level 1 Armor 2, +1 Power
30 Level 2 Armor 4, +2 Power
45  Level 3 Armor 6, +3 Power
60 Level 4 Armor 8, +4 Power
75 Level 5 Stun Immunity, +5 Power

During Selection, the Ramos player chooses two attacks and places one of these on top of his Ramos Character card and another on top of Atlas's current level card. Ramos will execute the top half of the card played on top of him, while Atlas will execute the bottom half of his card. 

Atlas acts just like another standup on Ramos's team, and can intercept attacks for his master like a teammate. Once Atlas is stunned during a round, he can no longer do this. 


Victor Ramos and Atlas's attack cards are divided in half. The Number field below is just a convient method of differitating individual cards. 

No. Character Name Range Power Priority Effects
1 Ramos Evacuation N/A N/A 10 After Activating: Move 1, 2 or 3 spaces. If you switched sides with an opponent, that opponent's attacks do not hit you during this beat.
1 Atlas Iron Curtain N/A N/A 9

Soak 2, Armor 4

Ignore movement effects applied to Atlas during this beat. 

Before Activating: You may move directly to Ramos's position. 

2 Ramos Catch the Train X 5 0

Multi Attack: This attack hits all opponents who did not move during this beat. 

End of Beat: Move Ramos and Atlas directly to any two spaces.

2 Atlas Steam Vent 1~4 2 7


This attack's power is always 2. 

On Hit: Each opponent this attack hits has -2 power. 

3 Ramos Arclight X 5 2

Stun Guard 5; Multi-Attack

The range of this attack is all spaces between you and Atlas. 

3 Atlas Arc Chain X 3 0

Armor 3; Multi-Attack

The range of this attack is all spaces between you and Ramos. 

On Hit: Move each opponent hit by this attack up to 2 spaces. 

4 Ramos Target Lock 2~4 3

Start of Beat: Retreat 1, 2, or 3 spaces.

On Hit: Atlas has +4 power against the opponent. 

4 Atlas Peacebreaker 4~5 6 0

Armor 3; Multi-Attack

Start of Beat: Retreat 1, 2, or 3 spaces.

5 Ramos Synchroization 1~2 4 3

Stun Immunity and Soak 4 if you are adjacent to Atlas.

After Activating: Move 1 or 2 spaces.

5 Atlas Summary Execution 1 7 0

Reveal: +8 Priority if you are adjacent to Ramos.

Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space. 

6 Ramos Draw Power 1 8 5

Reveal: Atlas does not execute his attack this beat. Return his attack to your hand. 

Before Activating: Advance up to 3 spaces.

6 Atlas Direct Control 1 8 5

Reveal: Ramos does not execute his attack this beat. Return his attack to your hand. 

Before Activating: Advance up to 3 spaces. 

7 Ramos Power Surge N/A N/A 6

Before Activating: You may swap places with Atlas. 

After Activating: Atlas executes his attack now, and cannot execute it again later this beat. 

7 Atlas Harpoon Capture 3~6 4 4 On Hit: Pull the opponent any number of spaces. 
8 Ramos Disassemble 1~3 1 5

On Hit: The opponent must discard a token. If he cannot, he loses 4 life.

After Activating: Move 1 or 2 spaces.

8 Atlas Rail Driver 2 6 2 Before Activating: Retreat up to 3 spaces.
9 Ramos Electroshock 1~2 1 6

Multi-Attack; Ignores Soak

Start of Beat: Move 1 space. 

9 Atlas Lightning Rod 1 8 1

Armor 3

Start of Beat: Move 1 space.

10 Ramos Soulstone Fuse N/A N/A 0 Atlas has Stun Immunity and +2 power. 
10 Atlas Rail Launcher 1~4 4 2 On Hit: Push the opponent as far as possible.