Type: Outsider - Outsiders are not native races to the World of Indines.

Virian is a name given to a wide variety of celestial creatures. Virians are visitors from the Celestial Plane , a place somewhere beyond life and death in Indines. Often they serve as guardians and guides, driven by a nameless higher power that both is and is not the human gods of Indines.

Virians typically possess wings in pairs of twos, with more wings denoting more status.

The Virians live of the hopes and dreams of Indines. They work to make sure the world is bright enough for hope and dreams and wonder to flourish, but not so bright that success and comfort are taken for granted. The Rasps in the Dark World are just the opposite--they live off of fear, but they don't want everyone dead or ready to die. Both sides work together or against one another to pull Indines towards balance.

When they come to Indines, the Virians 'incarnate' into a flesh and blood body. After they finish their primary mission, they are free to live as they wish, guiding the people of the world. When they grow old and die, their souls float back to the Celestial World (rather than down to the Afterworld ), where they reincarnate with higher status, which is reflected on the number of wings they grow out of their backs.

List of known Virian CharactersEdit