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BattleCon: War of Indines Extended Edition

The Extended Edition is the name given to a collection of additional items that extend and improve the BattleCon: War gaming experience.

Originally featured as stretch goals and addons during the War: Remastered Kickstarter campaign, the items will eventually be available as a purchase from the level99games webstore.


Alternate Art Character Cards

War alt art.jpg

Extended Edition contains alternate art character cards for every character featured in War. These cards are all illustrated by Fabio Fontes and are deliberately drawn as non-canon versions of the characters, in an attempt to capture alternate sides of their personalities or characters. 

In addition, each alternate art card contains an alternate Unique Ability. These abilities use (for the most part) the same kit as the official character, but add a new twist on it. These are not designed or balanced for tournament play.

Alternate Standups

Extended Edition will contain alternate card standups for each character to match their alternate art character cards. Pixel and Chibi standups are not available for War characters at this time.

Beta Bases 

Extended Edition will contain two sets of beta bases (first introduced in Devastation) - alternate fighting styles that can replace the normal bases.

Arena Cards

Extended Edition contains 12 additional arena cards (one of them double-sided) to change the gameplay of your matches.

Holiday Cards

Extended Edition comes with 6 Holiday Character Cards with another alternative Unique Ability for the chosen characters.

Striker Cards

Extended Edition contains 16 new Strikers to aid you in battle.