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Wardlaw O'Brien
Body Wardlaw.png
Vital statistics
Title Self-Styled Villain
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex M
Age 45
Fighting Style Unarmed, Belt of Beatdown


Wardlaw is a character in Trials of Indines. His first appearance was in Seven Card Slugfest, as the main antagonist.


  • "You're going down, chump!"


O'Brien is a villain to the core. Combining his already significant strength with the power of the mysterious Belt of Beatdown, O'Brien is capable of matching the strength of Daemons and Dragons alike. He travels the world of Indines, searching to gain more power by defeating the strongest fighters in the world.


Powers & Abilities

O'Brien is a grappler who throws opponents around the arena, slamming them into the ground and walls while walking through enemy attacks without flinching. His attacks are powerful and slow, but difficult to dodge.


Game appearances and playstyle

Trials of Indines

  • Wardlaw is a fearsome brawler who uses the edges of the arena to his advantage. He can slam opponents into walls for bonus damage, or leap from them for increased speed. He is adept at moving both himself and his opponents across the battlefield, in order to set up positions where his wall-based abilities will be most threatening.

Seven Card Slugfest

  • Sinister villian who wants to rule all of Indines, and also sports a pretty epic mustache. His punches do more or less damage based on the drink token his opponent takes.

Pixel Tactics 3

Character Kit in BattleCon

Unique Abilities

Ability Name Character Version Description
Beatdown Original

If any effect Wardlaw controls moves an opponent to an edge of the arena, that opponent loses 2 life.

If an opponent is on an edge of the arena and Wardlaw would activate a move, push, or pull effect targeting that opponent, he may choose to cause that opponent to lose 2 life instead.

Reveal: If Wardlaw is on an edge of the arena, he gains +2 Priority and "Before Activating: Advance 1 space."

Alternate Art

Personal Styles and Bases

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Overhead +0 +0 -1 Stun Guard 2

Before Activating: Move 1 space. If you are at the edge of the arena, move directly to any space instead.

Red.jpg Charging +0 -1 +1 Start of Beat: Advance until you are adjacent to the opponent.

After Activating: Push the opponent up to 1 space per damage dealt.

Green.jpg Massive +0~1 +1 -1

Stun Guard 3

You cannot be moved by opponents' effects

On Hit: If the opponent is at your maximum Range, gain +2 Power

Blue.jpg Dangerous +0 +0 -1 Opponents' Advance and Move effects become Retreat effects instead.

Start of Beat: Advance 1 Space.

Orange.jpg Smackdown +0 +1 +1

On Hit: You may reduce the damage of this attack by any amount (to a minimum of 0). Push the opponent 1 space per point of damage reduced.

Grey.jpg Clothesline X 4 3 The Range of this attack is an opponent you switched sides with this Beat.

Before Activating: Advance 3 spaces.

On Damage: Pull the opponent up to 2 spaces.

FINISHER Pain Train 1 0 4

Start of Beat: Advance until you are adjacent to the opponent. Gain +2 Power for each space moved this way.

On Damage: Push the opponent 1 space per damage dealt.

FINISHER Double Moustache Buster X 10 8 Stun Immunity. This attack only hits if both you and the opponent are at the arena's edges.

Before Activating: Retreat 1 or 2 spaces.

After Activating: Advance as far as possible.

Pixel Tactics Unit

Big Bad Brawling Battalion
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Wardlaw O'Brien 4 17
Brawler 3 5
Leader Heroes and leaders in this unit can make melee attacks, even when not 'in melee.'
Vanguard Melee attacks by heroes in your unit have +1 Attack Strength.
Flank Forerunner has +4 Life.
Rear +4 Attack Strength
Order Ongoing: Opponents' Flank and Rear heroes lose all abilities.

Seven Card Slugfest

Name Value Ability
Villainous Laugh 1 Taunt
Just Basics 2
Big Hit 3
The Easy Way 4
Drop Punch 2 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token
High Impact 3 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token
The Hard Way 4 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token