Wilhelm Barts
Vital statistics
Title Gambler
Nation Willat
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


WIlhelm is one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation.

Quotes: Edit


Wilhelm is a traveling gambler who aspires to become one of the Magisters of Willat. He has an intuitive understanding of the order of the world around him and this gives him the subtle power to manipualte probabilities and outcomes.

Wilhelm Barts believes that the World of Indines is too improbable to exist, and thus must be some sort of elaborate fiction and everyone in the world are simply characters in a board game. Fellow students believe he is mad, but professors admit that his theories and calculations have signifiant results and implications.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Wilhelm's abilities focus on tricks and narrow escapes from danger. Many of his powers are conditional and require exact planning to pull off. Thankfully, Wilhelm's probability controlling skills take some of the luck out of guessing the opponent's moves.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • At the end of each beat, after recycling cards, Wilhelm can name a base from his opponent's hand. The opponent cannot set that base during the next beat (or suffers some penalty for doing so anyway). Wilhelm cannot call the same base twice in a row.

Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Coordinated Risk Controllers
PTWilhelm Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Wilhelm Barts 3 22
Gambler 2 4
Leader When an opponent declares that they will recruit a hero or play an order, they must select a card to play at random from their hand.
Vanguard +3 Attack Strength.

Target an opponent's unit with your attack, and he selects a legal target for it.

Flank Attack: Name a card and reveal the top card of any deck. If you reveal the named card, its owner draws it. Otherwise, discard it.
Rear Attack: Name a card. If that card is in your opponent's hand, he must discard it and his leader takes 3 damage.
Order Pick up and shuffle all heroes and corpses in the unit of your choice. Randomly deal them back into the previously occupied spaces.